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SANS Investigate Forensic Toolkit (SIFT) Workstation


According to the Computer Dudes at SANS The SIFT Workstation is a VMware appliance, pre-configured with the necessary tools to perform detailed digital forensic examination in a variety of settings. It is compatible with Expert Witness Format (E01), Advanced Forensic Format (AFF), and raw (dd) evidence formats. The brand new version has been completely rebuilt  [ Read More ]

Volatility An advanced memory forensics framework

Warning NOOBs This tool is just aint for u :p Fellow geeks, i present you the future of ram dumps. I haven’t seen any ram dumping tool as detailed as this one here (stupid google dint find any thing better than this ;P or maybe the developers of volatility are really good in seo :p  [ Read More ]

Metasploit 4.0 Released

zer0byte Metasploit 4.0

  Fellow geeks ,nerds and unsocial people hello, i would like you guys to meet your new best friend Metasploit 4. This new kick ass tool is really like the old one :p but there are few new things in it that might give u a lil bit of interest. features include 1) Cool ASCII MSF  [ Read More ]

OWASP Mantra – Security Framework

Mantra is a security framework which can be very helpful in performing all the five phases of attacks including reconnaissance scanning and enumeration gaining access, escalation of privileges, maintaining access and covering tracks Apart from that it also contains a set of tools targeted for web developers and code debuggers which makes it handy for both  [ Read More ]

Wireshark 1.6.1

  This release of wireshark is the latest edition. The world’s most popular network protocol and packet  analyzer has now over 35 Vulnerabilities and bugs has been fixed in this new release complete release note details can be found here Its time to upgrade your Wireshark. Download Link

Virtual Box 4.1.0 Released Download Now !!!

Oracle released VirtualBox 4.1, it is a new major release. Introducing VM clones, increased capability for very large hosts, and Windows Aero support. Complete Change Log VirtualBox 4.1.0 This version is a major update. The following major new features were added: Support for cloning of VMs (bug #5853, see the manual for more information): full clones  [ Read More ]