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Florida state admits pwnage over voting systems

    Miami, Florida, the state of retired personal & the state that caused G.W.Bush (Jr!) to become the president 2x, released a statement admitting to fraudulent voting in last year’s elections caused by a cyber-attack.  Grand jury in Miami-Dade County discovered that an automated program was used to change the state’s absentee voter registration  [ Read More ]

# #Do You Know The Value of H@ck3d PC…???

This Project is to understand simply & visually, what (else) can a Attackers do with compromised PC… You may think, “I don’t bank online, I don’t store sensitive information on my machine! I only use it to check email. What could Attackers possibly want with this hunk of junk?,” Seems Legit huh??? All Attackers are  [ Read More ]

Lock Picking by just Using a Paper Clip

Lee7s , yesterday I made a video, where I am picking common euro cylindrical lock using just a paper clip… pic here it is pretty much scary how easy it is… you need some piece of metal of flat screwdriver to make some presure on lock while picking, you just put it in the hole  [ Read More ]

Capture The Flag : Let-the-game-begin

Leets ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://ctf365.com/  Note:-  Zer0byte.com always encourages CTF type of educational hacking competitions. CTF365 is build with passion and love for those who love challenges, want to improve their security skills, love competition and hacking. So if you are into security, ctf365.com is the right place for you. According to the  [ Read More ]

Since the birth of Raspberry devices which were developed by Raspberry Pi Foundation, its always been one of the favourite toy for hackers from all around the world. The beauty of this is device is that its only for 25 USD $ and  is a credit-card-sized single-board computer. Just look at the picture below or  [ Read More ]

45 GHz Super computer for only $99

Request from zer0byte.com to all its readers:-   Please support this great project on kickstarter.com . Together we can make this project a reality. click here to support    As many problems are faced by Computer Science, one of them can be crossed of the “to solve” list. Lack of cheap & open parallel hardware and proper development  [ Read More ]

Hakin9 Magazine gets trolled

Established magazine gets remodeled with sexual inuendo :p . I Just can’t believe how a well know magazine can publish articles without even reading it. The published article “NMAP Guide”  had words like “DICKS” , “IPV7” , “7TB USB key”  and etc. It is said on the http://seclists.org that this stunt was preformed by well know  [ Read More ]

Blackouts Don’t discriminate! How to communicate during network downtime.   Remember the 1980’s and the BRICK Size mobile phones (remember those? Yeah you do :P).  Rapidly mobile phones have become a necessity of our daily routine.  We can’t eat, move, sleep, entertain or even start our day without one.  This still doesn’t mean that the  [ Read More ]

SSL BEAST’s CRIME HTTPS Web Hijack Explained

Continuing from our previous story more details have emerged about Juliano Rizzo and Thai Duong bring us CRIME, a new SSL/TLS attack technique.  CRIME [ Compresison Ratio Info-leak Made Easy] allows secure web browsers used by banks & online shopping sites to be hijacked even when they are encrypted thus capturing those CCD #’s and  [ Read More ]

Reality Hurts,SMS Phishing on the Rise

Coverage by:-  “Lilly Greene” This crispy fall season comes baring an increase of 913% in SMS phishing raids aka Smishing. Smishing is now considered the largest SMS threat. As per the report provided by Cloudmark, unaware folks are scammed when they call a # which they receive via SMS. “Fwd: Good Afternoon. Attention Required Call.  [ Read More ]