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  A new innovative & soon to be cash use forcing technique in cyber security will be the guest of honor at the 2012 Argentina’s Ekoparty Security Conference this month.  CRIME created by J. Rizzo & T. Duong, attacks the security shortcomings in TLS, intercepts the HTTPS connections and captures sensitive information entered when shopping  [ Read More ]

Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million +

Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million + By: Lilly Greene Let’s further congratulate Chris Stangl ( google him ;p ) , the infamous FBI agent whose laptop got compromised by hacker group Anonymous  & more than 1 million Apple UDIDs have been exposed to the public. But out of all of the UDIDs,  [ Read More ]

Capture IP addresses Using Getthierip.com

How to get someones IP Address using Getthierip.com  Example: Go to Getthierip.com —-> Make a forward to http://zer0Byte.com/ —-> Get your http://<Long-Url>—-> Get a domain on uni.me, example: zer0byte.uni.me–> Make a forward of your Long-Url though zer0byte.uni.me. Note:- If you click on zer0byte.uni.me or http://bit.ly/Us2ZNQ ,Getthierip.com will send me a mail with your public IP. Enjoy XD…

APPLE GETS PUNKED! 1 Million IDs Dumped

Apple gets PUNKED! Coverage by “Lilly Greene” 1 million + DNA codes of popular Apple devices (iphones & ipads) have been released. This applaud-able task was accomplished by the Anonymous #Antisec arm of the hackers collectives. Though the FBI, Apple & its consumers may see this as a sign of the apocalypse, it was a mere help  [ Read More ]

Zer0byte’s IRC is Up for Leets …..

Leets enjoy making new leet friends over our uber cool IRC channel #Zer0byte Link—–> http://zer0byte.com/chat/ Or Click on “IRC” link at second menu bar . Have Fun, Regards Zer0byte

Backtrack 5 r3 Released -Complete Change Log

Bactrack 5 r3 change log

The time has come to refresh our security tool arsenal – BackTrack 5 R3 has been released. R3 focuses on bug-fixes as well as the addition of over 60 new tools – several of which were released in BlackHat and Defcon 2012. A whole new tool category was populated – “Physical Exploitation”, which now includes tools  [ Read More ]

Network Analysis Using Wireshark and Xplico

This tutorial will capture traffic on a local network with Wireshark and then forensics will be carried out with Xplico by using its intuitive web interface. These two tools are already included in Backtrack 5 Xplico Xplico is a Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT), which is a software that reconstructs the contents of acquisitions performed  [ Read More ]

Zer0byte.com is Back online again

Dear leets, I am pleased to anounce the revival of zer0byte.com. While we were on vacation ( Bermuda was Awesome), I had proposed from my dear and loyal l337s on facebook http://www.facebook.com/zer0byt3  to submit entries for under construction banner. The responses  received were overwhelming. I would like to Thank every who submitted . Check out the  [ Read More ]

Set your Alfa card AWUS036H to the max 1000 mW

Set your Alfa AWUS036H to 1000 mW

Please Note: This article has been take from  ” http://blog.l-lacker.com/security-set-your-alfa-awus036h-to-1000-mw/#more-331” with the consent from the author.   Dear FellOw Leets, Check out this great article taken from l-lacker.com.  Its a Must Visit website cuz the content is really cool and the author is amazing. :p Anyway, ever wonder why the alfa card  becomes disappointing when it  [ Read More ]

Leets there have been New Exciting Updates for your favourite pwning tool metasploit. This weekly update brings ten new modules, which include exploits for PHP and Java, S40, various PHP applications, Apache Struts, Citrix, and the GIMP. This update also adds the pcAnywhere data protocol module to the regular menu of Bruteforce-able protocols, and resolves  [ Read More ]