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AttackVector Linux: the dragon has tails Released

A new Pen-testing Linux distro has arrived which is designed to give its users the anonymity they always wanted.  “AttackVector Linux is a new distribution for anonymized penetration and security. It is based on Kali and TAILS, which are both based on Debian.“ in order to understand why this distro can be important to us, you must read this article i wrote  [ Read More ]

Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million +

Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million + By: Lilly Greene Let’s further congratulate Chris Stangl ( google him ;p ) , the infamous FBI agent whose laptop got compromised by hacker group Anonymous  & more than 1 million Apple UDIDs have been exposed to the public. But out of all of the UDIDs,  [ Read More ]