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Backdoor Found In Linksys & Netgear Home Wi-FI Routers

Security Researcher “Eloi Vanderbeken” @elvanderb managed to find out a backdoor  listening on TCP port 32764 on the Following Linksys / Netgear Home Wi-Fi access points. Linksys WAG200G Netgear DM111Pv2 Linksys WAG320N Linksys WAG54G2 DGN1000 Netgear N150 Diamond DSL642WLG / SerComm IP806Gx v2 TI Python based Backdoor can be downloaded from here :https://github.com/elvanderb/TCP-32764. Presentation:- https://github.com/elvanderb/TCP-32764/blob/master/backdoor_description_for_those_who_don-t_like_pptx.pdf   Twitter:- @elvanderb  [ Read More ]