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Capture IP addresses Using Getthierip.com

How to get someones IP Address using Getthierip.com  Example: Go to Getthierip.com —-> Make a forward to http://zer0Byte.com/ —-> Get your http://<Long-Url>—-> Get a domain on uni.me, example: zer0byte.uni.me–> Make a forward of your Long-Url though zer0byte.uni.me. Note:- If you click on zer0byte.uni.me or http://bit.ly/Us2ZNQ ,Getthierip.com will send me a mail with your public IP. Enjoy XD…

Zer0byte.com’s 1st HackaTron

Hello Leets, I am Very Much Glad to announce Zer0byte’s First “Hackatron” for you to try out your l337 hax0r skillz. This Hacktron would not be possible without our fellow Friend and a Loyal zer0byte Fan “Jimmy Vill” who has hosted a dedicated server  for this event. I would personally like to thank you for your  [ Read More ]