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Mozilla’s CEO, New Head of AVG

AVG, the well-known global free security suites has decided to have Mozilla’s former chief executive, Gary Kovacs, be its new commander. After several months of departing from Mozilla as the CEO, Kovacs came to AVG. J.R. Smith, AVG’s previous CEO shifted to a more advisory position with the company this past March. This was decided  [ Read More ]

45 GHz Super computer for only $99

Request from zer0byte.com to all its readers:-   Please support this great project on kickstarter.com . Together we can make this project a reality. click here to support    As many problems are faced by Computer Science, one of them can be crossed of the “to solve” list. Lack of cheap & open parallel hardware and proper development  [ Read More ]

Reality Hurts,SMS Phishing on the Rise

Coverage by:-  “Lilly Greene” This crispy fall season comes baring an increase of 913% in SMS phishing raids aka Smishing. Smishing is now considered the largest SMS threat. As per the report provided by Cloudmark, unaware folks are scammed when they call a # which they receive via SMS. “Fwd: Good Afternoon. Attention Required Call.  [ Read More ]


  A new innovative & soon to be cash use forcing technique in cyber security will be the guest of honor at the 2012 Argentina’s Ekoparty Security Conference this month.  CRIME created by J. Rizzo & T. Duong, attacks the security shortcomings in TLS, intercepts the HTTPS connections and captures sensitive information entered when shopping  [ Read More ]

Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million +

Obama’s UDID Most Valued out of 1 million + By: Lilly Greene Let’s further congratulate Chris Stangl ( google him ;p ) , the infamous FBI agent whose laptop got compromised by hacker group Anonymous  & more than 1 million Apple UDIDs have been exposed to the public. But out of all of the UDIDs,  [ Read More ]