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Leets there have been New Exciting Updates for your favourite pwning tool metasploit. This weekly update brings ten new modules, which include exploits for PHP and Java, S40, various PHP applications, Apache Struts, Citrix, and the GIMP. This update also adds the pcAnywhere data protocol module to the regular menu of Bruteforce-able protocols, and resolves  [ Read More ]

Dear L33ts checkout this amazing new article from our l33t author “Thom Hastings” . If you have an Android Tablet and always wanted to install backtrack on it then this post is definitely for you. Enjoy. Have you ever wanted to try BackTrack on your ARM Android device? By following these easy steps, you can  [ Read More ]

Metasploit & Armitage: Checkout whats new

Metasploit update armitage whats New

Metasploit 4.1 and Armitage: What’s New?   Armitage Changelog ================== 10.13.11 take II? ——–  updated msf3/data directories to account for new install locations. Removed Meterpreter -> Access – > Duplicate because it is now redundant with Meterpreter -> Access -> Pass Session Updated Meterpreter -> Access -> Pass Session to have LPORT of default Meterpreter listener. Click  [ Read More ]

SkyNet: 3G Enabled WIFI PWNing Drone

SkyNet Drone 3G Enabled WIFI PWNING Drone

Ok Geeks, this is one of the most craziest thing i have seen so far. The reason is simple, That  its cheap to make and it Insanely awesome.  I Present you the ultimate 3G Enabled WIFI PWNING DRONE !!! All made from pure passion, l33t h@x0rZ Skills and a parrot (drone not real parrot). The  [ Read More ]

Armitage 09.08.11 Released Download Now !!!

The Great Developer Raphael Mudge has released a new version for Armitage (GUI for Metasploit)   Armitage Changelog ================== 09.08.11 ================== – Armitage now highlights the event log tab when something new is posted and the tab is not active. Control the color by editing tab.highlight.color pref. – Fixed a bug preventing preference values from  [ Read More ]

The creator of Armitage Raphael Mudge has released Video trainings on ethicalhacker.net for his fans. Now its your chance to learn the worlds famous tool used by penetration testers themselves. There are 6 six videos from the developer and cover the following Topics Introduction Metasploit Access Post-Exploitation Maneuver Team Tactics 1. Introduction This lecture introduces penetration  [ Read More ]

Armitage 07.19.11 is out

Fellow Geek our Favorite GUI for metasploit Has new release.   The new features according to change Log are as follows   Armitage Changelog   ==================   19 Jul 11 – Change Log ——— – You may now execute a post module against multiple hosts at once. Simply highlight the hosts, find your post module,  [ Read More ]