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Armitage 11.13.11: Checkout whats new

According to the developer on armitage’s facebook fan page “This release is the biggest overhaul of Armitage since it’s first release nearly a year ago. New features include dynamic workspaces, download mgmt, and improved key logging. This update also scales to thousands of hosts, it’s faster, and compatible with Metasploit going forward. db_autopwn is gone  [ Read More ]

Armitage 09.08.11 Released Download Now !!!

The Great Developer Raphael Mudge has released a new version for Armitage (GUI for Metasploit)   Armitage Changelog ================== 09.08.11 ================== – Armitage now highlights the event log tab when something new is posted and the tab is not active. Control the color by editing tab.highlight.color pref. – Fixed a bug preventing preference values from  [ Read More ]