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KIM Dotcom Daddy of Two Factor Authentication

Really! Didn’t think Kim Dotcom could (cue music) cry me river. Only a few hours after twitter joined the group of TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION users, the founder of Megaupload is proclaiming to have been the genius behind the entire mechanism & he’s got a patent to back that up. View his paten here on Goolge. Facebook, Google,  [ Read More ]

Twitter for FireFox

twitter for firefox download now

Geeks if  you are twitter and Firefox  lover and also want your self updated with every twit twitted by your fav celbz then you guys have to try this “Twiiter For Firefox” App. It beautifully integrates into your firefox just like a pinned tab. Here are the features Instantly connect:- Search people and topics on Twitter  [ Read More ]