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Zer0byte’s Open Source Wifi Scanner

zer0 Byte Open Source wifi scanner

If you watched the Security Tube’s vide0 Creating Wireless Backdoors (Swse Addendum 2)  and also looking for answer to the Lab exercise where vivek wants to see if you can come up with wifi scanner ? then your search is over :p. Coincidently  I was also working on a Wifi scanner Just before the video release, whose original source code  [ Read More ]

Wifi Honey By Digi Ninja

I really admire the work and projects developed by DigiNinja. I came to know about digininja when hak5  did a show on one of his projects by the name of  “Jasager” a wifi man in the middle tool. I swear that was one of the most craziest things i ever saw. Now the same cool  [ Read More ]